IQOS Heets Japan

IQOS Heets Marlboro Mint

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IQOS Heets Marlboro Menthol

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AED 299

Taste: Wood and Nut

HEETS TEREA Rich Regular

AED 299

Taste: Malt

HEETS TEREA Balanced Regular

AED 299

Taste: Herbal and Citrus

HEETS TEREA Ruby Regular

AED 299

Taste: rich berry flavor in regular tobacco

HEETS TEREA Black Purple Menthol

AED 299

Taste: Dark Berry

HEETS TEREA Black Menthol

AED 299

Taste: Menthol and Cool

HEETS TEREA Fusion Menthol

AED 299

Taste: Menthol and Fresh Blossom

The IQOS HEETS from Japan consists of a selection of different heat stick flavors marketed under the Marlboro brand. You can shop for these Japanese hot offers from Japan through their online outlets by sampling the items from the website and placing an online order. The HEETS selection can be delivered in 3-5 business days. The free international express shipping is done through USPS.  The IQOS HEETS selections are marketed by the Philip Morris business venture that currently owns the Marlboro brand of American origin. The Phillip Morris International business venture markets the Marlboro brand beyond the U.S borders. Read on to learn about the brand selection offers of IQOS HEETS from Japan.

Heets Japan Flavors

HEETS Japan Marlboro flavors consist of five top brands, including HEETS Marlboro Smooth Regular, HEETS Marlboro Mint, HEETS Marlboro Balanced Regular, and HEETS Marlboro Menthol. These top light to medium heat sticks with a wide variety of subtle to strong aromas provide a perfect smoking option for smokers seeking to quit traditional cigarette smoking for a cleaner and lighter smoking experience.

The HEETS Marlboro Mint

Do you like a cool minty taste and aroma? If so, then the light HEETS Marlboro mint selection is perfect for you. The balanced flavor gives you an easy way to switch from light cigarettes to a cleaner smoking option.

HEETS Marlboro Menthol

Unlike the HEETS Marlboro mint, the menthol variation doesn’t have a light mint scent. Instead, it has a strong minty flavor that masks the strong tobacco base. The taste is powerful, refreshing, and you’’ taste more menthol than the tobacco base.

HEETS Marlboro Purple Menthol

The purple menthol option presents HEETS sticks with a sweet and fruity aroma of blueberries, and this strong fruity fragrance is combined with some strong menthol aftertaste that makes your smoking experience refreshing.

HEETS Marlboro Balanced Regular

The HEETS Marlboro balanced regular heat sticks are an ideal way to start moving away from light regular cigarettes. The selection has a strong tobacco base with no additional floral or fruity flavors. It’s a perfect alternative to your regular tobacco cigars and ideal for smokers who don’t love flavored options.

HEETS Marlboro Smooth Regular

The HEETS Marlboro smooth regular is as the name suggests and it falls between the balanced regular and regular options, and it’s thus ideal for smokers of super light and light options. This option is lighter than the regular option and it is a middleweight option with a smooth tobacco flavor and mild additional flavoring.